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Crimes of the Heart

Written by Beth Henley

I have extreme bias to this movie, so take my review with a bolder of salt. This movie is the balm. It captured the type of intolerable situations between sisters that drove me crazy growing up. I think if you have a sister you may be able to relate. Beth Henley did a magnificent job on it.

Friday. Feb. 18 Crimes of the Heart is on TV tonight
Don Juan DeMarco

Entertaining movie most worthy of the time spent watching it if you like feel good movies. Faye Dunaway is the berries in this role. This movie captures artistic expression created from a sensual energy flow. Marlon Brando and Johnny Depp along with Ms. Dunaway participate in a delightful and well choreographed dance for our pleasure. Script, set, costumes, editing, acting and directing all come in with high scores from me. An inspirationally creative story. A chick flick that might even entertain the manly viewer. I give it a 9.

Mon. June 7 OK, so I spent about 30 hors in Wilmington, enough time to see a few more movies.