How to pack for car camping at a music festival
(or call dancing dave)
Must haves
Fiddle, guitar, mandolin, banjo, or bass
positive attitude
Might takes
Tent *

mallet and extra stakes
tarp with bungee chords
second tarp for under your tent. But if you have a small car and have to cut back on items use your tarp on top of your tent. *1
Cot *2
Sleeping bag liner and insulation roll. *3
or a sheet if it is hot
hand warmers *4
Lantern (2)
Flashlights + batteries
long pants and shorts
undergarments, including long johns
rain boots
Walking shoes / socks
Light jacket
warm jacket
sweater (you want layers)
long sleeve shirt (s)
short sleeve shirt (s)
hat for sun
wool hat to sleep in *5
wool socks (to sleep in)
Scarf (bandana double as pot holder)

tooth brush
tooth paste
band aids
prescription medications
Sun block for body and face
toilet paper (in case the porta johns run out)
ear plugs and eye covers
baby wipes
chap stick
mole skin *6
bug repellant
first aid kit (first aid kit for camping )^

^ I found that link at this link *v

v* The Black Pool :: reflecting ad-free web sites, and their meaning

small camp table
sharpie marker
a small day pack to carry a light jacket, it cools off when the sun goes down.
money belt
duct tape
sewing kit
FLY SWATER (and or bug spray)*8
Jumper cables, if you leave your car doors open too long while unpacking.
Cooler and big ice *7

If you plan to cook you might want these items.

an easy up type shelter for kitchen area
Table 5 feet or longer
Camp stove / fuel
spatula, serving spoon
vegetable chopping knife
can opener / wine opener / bottle opener
One fork, Knife, Spoon per person
One Plate and one bowl per person *9
coffee cup
cooler / ice chest *
(make big ice) *
plastic tub (s) for washing dishes
soap for dishes (camp soap biodegradable )
cutting board
pot holder (could use a bandana as scarf and pot holder bring two)
garbage bags
Frying pan, deep pot, second pot for boiling water.
Dish rags (2 minimum)
paper towels
a second lantern for kitchen area
water container (I prefer the sturdy kind better than the collapsible kind because it is easier to use than the collapsing water bags)
snacks, groceries, drinks

* I've bought a lot of tents. I like the ones with vertical walls and metal poles. check out this video on "how to choose a family tent"

*1 the tarp under your tent helps protect the floor of your tent to make it last longer. The tarp over your tent keeps you dry. I've had too many rain proof tents leak so I just go ahead and use my tarp over the tent. In my experience, The floor is going to get wet even if you have a tarp under it. But check out this video for making a "tent foot print"

*2 Get a cot that is rated to hold 500 lbs. cots set up fast and takes up less room and provide storage space underneath. I got a NEBO sports outfitter cot (XXL) through with the Alliance Sports Group, L.P and it shipped really fast.

*3 sleeping bag liners : no matter what your sleeping bag is rated for, they are never warm enough. I have one rated for zero degrees and I was froze when it was only in the 40's. something as small as a sleeping bag liner makes a big difference, there is one more layer to trap the warmth. Air mattress or cot, when you are off the ground you need insulation under you. be sure to have an insulation pad (yoga mats work) you can get an insulation pad at Walmart for not much money, at the camping stores, they cost as much as $30.

*4 a product similar to thermawrap is available at walmart in the camping section of the store. It is very inexpensive per unit and you activate it when you get in your sleeping bag and it stays warm for 8 hrs. Put it near your feet.

*5 wool keeps you warm even when it gets wet.

*6 mole skin is found in the drugstore by the foot products. This stuff is great if you get a blister you cut out a doughnut shape of this stuff and put it around the blister.

*7 big ice lasts longer than small chunks that you get with bagged ice. Save clean gallon milk containers fill them with filtered water and freeze (leave room in gallon jug for the ice to expand without breaking the jug. When the ice melts you have drinkable water to cook with. You also don't have a bunch of water in your cooler from melting ice because your ice is in a container. It takes a while to freeze so plan ahead, the ice can last a week or more. I also freeze small water bottles when they melt you have great drinking water.

*8 last time I camped I left the doors open while I was packing up stuff to leave so that the next day I could pull out faster and about 80 flies came in my tent and I had no way to get them out. When I got home I had to set up the tent to dry it out because it was pouring down rain when I was packing to leave that morning. All the flies were still in there and most of them were still alive.
Packing up a tent in the rain at 4 a.m. is when you really need your positive attitude. I had my rain poncho and wool sweater, wool rain hat, wool socks and rubber boots. Even though I got a little wet, I was still warm. Luckily I had a dry place to change my clothes for the drive home.

*9 On extra stuff: you may think, well I'll bring extra forks and plates for all my friends. Don't you'll end up washing all your friends dishes for them while they are off listening to music. And don't take paper plates and plastic forks, come on guys you are trying to be out in nature try and be green make a small carbon footprint.